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Quo Vadis

Pleasantville Public Access Series | Produced by: John Krysko

Where are we and where are we going.


Pleasantville Public Access Series | Produced by: Jim Horigan

The Roadhouse is a place where interesting guests come to talk about their journey through life and how they came to be who they are today. A typical Roadhouse is established outside city limits in order to operate unconventionally and without judgment. That is how a guest should feel here, there are no rules.

Special Education Parenting Video Collection

Education Series | Produced by: Tara M. Klein

Working in conjunction with the Pleasantville Special Education PTA, as well as with local professionals in the field, this collection of informal interviews, professional presentations and school district workshops has been created to provide important tips and resources to parents and educators who live and work with children who have special education needs. Additional reference materials on these topics is also available in the main branch of the Mt. Pleasant Public Library in the Pleasantville SEPTA Parenting Collection.

Straight Talk From John Nonna

Pleasantville Public Access Series | Produced by: John Nonna

John Nonna discusses local issues with special guests.