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The Cost of Comfort in your Home

Pleasantville Public Access Series | Produced by: Bill Killion, Jon Keck

"The Cost of Comfort in your Home" is hosted by Bill Killion, project manager at Belfor Property Restoration, U.S.A and Building Performance Institute analyst and envelope specialist, andJon Keck, president and owner of Keck heating and Air Conditioning. The series goal is to teach homeowners how to make their houses more sustainable and energy efficient.

The Heart of the Matter

Pleasantville Public Access Series | Produced by: Regina Silversmith

Heart of the Matter is a program that captures issues, large and small, with great visual detail and a determination to discover the mystery behind a person or a story. It seeks to showcase the imaginative, positive side of living. Produced by Regina Silversmith and Linda Becker, Heart of the Matter gives a mix of culture, comedy and current events that leaves viewers with a new perspective.

The Homeowner's Survival Track

Pleasantville Public Access Series | Produced by: Sol Skolnick

The Homeowner's Survival Track offers valuable information about how to achieve sustainable home ownership. Host Sol Skolnick chats with experts to help you achieve right financing, balance your priorities, effectively manage money, energy and other resources to make your house a true home.

The Listening Place

Pleasantville Public Access Series | Produced by: Nancy Rosanoff

The common thread in the interviews conducted on "The Listening Place" is an interest in who we are, our purpose in life and the awakening of
consciousness. As bleak as life often appears, underneath is an evolution of good. "The Listening Place" encourages awareness of that "good."