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Jewish Music Through The Ages

Pleasantville Public Access Series | Produced by: Bernard S. Gordon

Many of the melodies sung in synagogues today date back 500, even as far back as 1,000 years; while the words to other very well known synagogue songs are traceable to ancient Israels pre-monarchic period, more than 3,000 years ago. In this program, Rabbi Mark Sameth of Pleasantville Community Synagogue (Joyful Judaism!) talks about and performs songs spanning these three millennia, songs much beloved by Jews, still sung today in the Jewish service. Rabbi Mark is joined in discussion by the program's host, former Mayor Bernard Gordon.

Let's Be Frank

Pleasantville Public Access Series | Produced by: Emma Frank

Let's Be Frank is an honest and candid discussion of things that are going on in and around Pleasantville and in the greater world. The pupose is to bring information to our community in the television and online format in an educational and entertaining way. Stay tuned....

Let's Talk with Valerie

Pleasantville Public Access Series | Produced by: Valerie Filancia

Valerie Filancia is the Host of Let's Talk with Valerie, a lifestyle series on PCTV76 dedicated to helping busy moms look and feel their best inside and out. Topics on Let's with Valerie run the gamut from choosing the right fitting jeans to going after your dreams.

Lives of Service

Pleasantville Public Access Series | Produced by: Nancy Rosanoff

An off-shoot of "The Listening Place"

Mt. Pleasant Historical Society

Pleasantville Public Access Series | Produced by: Bert Ruiz