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The Arts in Westchester

Pleasantville Public Access Series | Produced by: Stephen Halpern

The Arts in Westchester is a program devoted to seeing and listening to professional musicians either as soloists or in groups. The program includes personal interviews with the musicians which enables the audience to "get to know" the artists both personally and professionally. Steve Halpern, the originator of the show, serves as producer and host. He is assisted by station manager Shane McGaffey (PCTV Station Manager) who fine tunes the lighting, direction and videography. Steve enjoys capturing audio and editing the programs.

The Buzz

Pleasantville Public Access Series | Produced by: Emma Frank

The Buzz is a bi-monthly show that will be highlighting all of the latest things to do, restaurant openings, local theater, live music, government, schools, library programs and anything else that is happening in our Village of Pleasantville. The shows aim is to provide you with information about what is going on locally that might inspire you to get out and do something you havent done before, check out a restaurant, or learn something new. Each episode will air for about two weeks and cover the first half of the month and then we will do another show to cover the second half of the month.

The Chatt Room

Pleasantville Public Access Series | Produced by: Marlene Canapi

The chattRoom is a pop culture-themed show that features unscripted interviews, vignettes, and off-site entertainment coverage.

The Cost of Comfort in your Home

Pleasantville Public Access Series | Produced by: Bill Killion, Jon Keck

"The Cost of Comfort in your Home" is hosted by Bill Killion, project manager at Belfor Property Restoration, U.S.A and Building Performance Institute analyst and envelope specialist, andJon Keck, president and owner of Keck heating and Air Conditioning. The series goal is to teach homeowners how to make their houses more sustainable and energy efficient.

The Heart of the Matter

Pleasantville Public Access Series | Produced by: Regina Silversmith

Heart of the Matter is a program that captures issues, large and small, with great visual detail and a determination to discover the mystery behind a person or a story. It seeks to showcase the imaginative, positive side of living. Produced by Regina Silversmith and Linda Becker, Heart of the Matter gives a mix of culture, comedy and current events that leaves viewers with a new perspective.